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Sunday June 2, 2024 "The Heart of the Matter”

Rev. John Varga

Mark 2:23-3:6

Theme: We are in a time of great conflict in our society. We are constantly calling one another to accountability while at the same time finding “work-a-rounds” or justifications for our own acts. Where is Love and where is the path of understanding?

Memorial Day Sunday May 26, 2024 “Why Me?"

Rev. John Varga

Luke 1:39-57

Theme: We have each been gifted by God. Learning to recognize and nurture our gift is our challenge. How do we stay attuned to God and not be led astray from the gifts God calls us to use.

Sunday May 5 2024  "Troubling Times”

Rev. John Varga

John 15:9-17

Theme: Our core is love! How do we stay true to that core in changing times, faced with unprecedented challenges? Can the vessel change while staying true to its contents? What does that even mean?

PAAM Sunday April 28, 2024 "Bearing Much Fruit as a Japanese American"

Michael Okamura

John 15:1-8

CCLI Streaming License: 21393508
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